In an effort to improve communications with our members we will begin using our website for mass emails providing you with informative items that affect our commercial industry.

One of the challenges with communications has been the accuracy of any members’ list.  We hope that this format will facilitate more direct, accurate and frequent communications with the fleet. If you would like to be included in this distribution list, please fill in the accompanying form to subscribe.  We are working from an incomplete members list, so please pass this on to other eligible licenseholders.

Please note: Your information will be kept confidential and never shared.

• If your address, email, phone number, etc changes, please remember to contact the Association with those changes.
• If you have more than one license, please identify them all but we need only one email for all.
• If you are a part owner of a license, please identify any of the owners who wish to be included in an email list.

License Holder Name
Contact Name
Mailing Address